Important benefits of using Ozone Organics body scrubs

By 5 March 2018

We all have our bathrooms decorated with fancy personal care products. Here’s the basic checklist that almost everyone possesses- A Soap, A Face wash, a Shampoo and a few other personal care products like a shaving cream, a feminine wash(for women), etc. So, is your big row of products missing a scrub body soap in it? Is it even essential? In this article, we will discuss why a scrub soap is necessary for keeping your skin healthy and what value Ozone Organics body scrubs will add to your skin?

Let’s start with the basics. As our skin is the largest gland in our body, it gets rid of 30,000 to 40,000 old skin cells every day. And those old skin cells make a big layer of dead cells on your skin. Do you know how much does it take for the new cells to come to the top of the layer? A MONTH! So to put it as a whole, there’s a possibility that the skin you’ll see in the mirror after reading this could be a combination of around 20 layers of dead skin. Although the soap brand you’re using could ensure you countless benefits of using it, but keeping your skin healthy isn’t something it is entirely capable of.

So, the answer to the eye-opening discussion above is a Scrub Body Soap. Rubbing your skin with a body scrub encourages natural body flow and circulation of your body fluids making sure your skin is free from toxics. The massaging done using a scrub removes the dead skin from your skin and allows the moisturizing oils to enter the skin leaving a refreshed & moisturised skin.

Using the Scrub Soaps:


Not every scrub body soap is used in the same manner or on every part of the body. The natural face scrubs have different ingredients and effects on the skin as the skin of the face is more sensitive and vulnerable as compared to the skin of the other parts of the body. In case of scrub body soaps, its use depends on the type of skin. In general, it is advised to use the scrub twice or thrice a week. For scrubs for dry skin or sensitive skin, it is advised to use them once a week.

Although we’ve discussed a lot of benefits of that body scrub soaps offer in general, now let us discuss the benefits the ozone organic body scrub soaps offer:

1. Antiseptic and Purifying properties:


Ozone Organics Turmeric Scrub Soap is known for its antiseptic and purifying properties. As ‘Indian Saffron’ turmeric possesses medicinal properties, the use of turmeric gives a anti-ageing protection to the skin and refreshes it at the same time. So, getting medical benefits while bathing is a bonus. Isn’t it?

2. Deep Pore Cleansing and exfoliation:


The picture that strikes in the head whenever someone mentions a scrub body soap is applying a soap that gives a deep-pore cleansing effect. While Exfoliation and deep-pore-cleansing is a fundamental property of every scrub available in the market, the Aloe Vera Scrub soap by Ozone is a master of these two.

3. Skin Nourishment and Captivating Aroma:


Ozone’s diversification in its products makes it one of the best in the range of organic skin care products. The aroma that the Jasmine Scrub soap of Ozone Organics leaves a captivating effect that lasts all day long. It not only gives a great fragrance but also soothes the mood of the person. In a nutshell, it is a perfect recipe for a combination of health benefits with an astounding aroma.

Your skin is precious and its care should be a vital part of your daily regime. Apart from all the benefits we’ve discussed above, one of the most important things that a scrub soap does to your body is it relaxes you. Bathing shouldn’t be constrained to only washing your body blindly, but it should be a celebration that makes your skin healthy and purifies it to the fullest.

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