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Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Ozone House,
1, L.S.C., Block A-3, Janak Puri,
New Delhi-110058 (India)


S.NO Outlet Name Location (City  Name) Area
1 Daily Delight Dwarka sec-10 West Delhi
2 Aggarwal  Medical &Deparmental Store Vikash Puri West Delhi
3 Aggarwal super Market Janakpuri West Delhi
4 Ravi corner Ramesh Nagar West Delhi
5 Puran Store Dwarka More Dwarka West Delhi
6 Akarshan Rohini Sec-17 North Delhi
7 Prateek Medicose Rohini Sec-9 North Delhi
8 Gagaan Store Rohini Sec-8 North Delhi
9  kiryana world Rohini sec -9 North Delhi
10 Merry days Rohini Sec-7 North Delhi
11 Bhatia Gul Kamala Nagar North Delhi
12 Beauty Planet Karol Bagh Central Delhi
13 SB Distributor Sadar Bazar Central Delhi
14 Rajdhani Sadar Bazar Central Delhi
15 Tarun Store Sadar Bazar GGN Gurgaon
16 Shree Shyam Sadar Bazar GGN Gurgaon
17 K2 Homeopath Galeria Market GGN Gurgaon
18 Perfume Galeria Market GGN Gurgaon
19 Chauhan Collections Sadar Bazar GGN Gurgaon
20 Shingar Vatika Sadar Bazar GGN Gurgaon
21 Life Aid homeopathic Safayar Mall Gurgaon
22 Sola Sringar Sadar Bazar GGN Gurgaon
23 Ghar Sansar Sadar Bazar GGN Gurgaon
24 Fashion Plaza NIT -1 Faridabad
25 Roopam Cosmetic NIT -1 Faridabad

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