Organic Glycerin Soap for Dry Skin


Pure glycerin soap is created using time-honored traditional methods. Using only natural oils, Ozone Organics encourages the use of glycerin bathing soaps with natural moisturizers and antioxidants to condition and hydrate your dry skin. When you use ordinary soaps, they turn your skin dry as they have detergent present in them. But at Ozone, we don’t use detergent, which keeps our soaps organic and your skin moisturized. So come, indulge in a relaxing bath with aromatic essential oils and natural ingredients that will soothe your skin, alleviate your senses and revitalize you completely.

Make every bath, a beneficial one


  • Keep your skin moist while adding the glow to it

  • Ideal for mature and sensitive skin

  • Clear away dead skin cells

  • Tone skin and removes excess oil

  • Deodorise skin

  • Gentle enough for all skin types; excellent for the face

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