Know Us


Ozone Organics is committed towards the development of safe and effective herbal skin care, hair care, personal care and general health care products manufactured on the anvil of quality control methods.

Ozone Organics product formulations are backed by continued search for evidenced effective ingredients and research addressing newer methodologies to generate confidence for their continued use; serving the interest of the industry, the consumers and the planet.

The active ingredients of all the Ozone Organics health care and personal care products are certified “natural and organic”. They are developed from herbs/plants grown using organic farming methods. Certified organic activities are safe, because they are subjected to critical analysis that proves the efficacy of these organic actives to be used as ingredients of health care supplements and personal care products.

Inclusion of Natural Certified Organic Herbs as Ingredients in wellness and health supplements, skin-care and personal care products results in significant improvements in the specific concerns – be it metabolic derangements, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, acne or photo-aging skin. Natural certified organic herbs as ingredients have proven benefits.