Organic Scrub Soap for Glowing Skin


Scrub Soap – Enriched with natural antioxidants, All natural body Scrub Soaps contain significant skin softening, hydrating and conditioning ingredients. These Scrub Soaps are elegantly crafted to remove the dead skin and impurities that are present deep-down in the skin. And while you massage it gently over your dry skin, the rubbing action improves the blood circulation.

With this combination of a natural body bath soap and best body scrub, soap treat your skin to a total cleansing experience.

Available in three variants online in India, these scrub soaps pack the punch of all their natural goodness. Thus reviving the skin, adding radiance, while cleansing impurities to make you feel daily refreshed and hydrated.

Have a detoxifying bath, every time


  • Relax tense muscles while restoring moisture to the tissues

  • Wash away impurities and sweat without over-drying

  • Effectively protect, improve and revitalize skin health

  • Gently exfoliate away dead skin cells

  • Deodorise skin

  • Cleanse impurities and grime

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